NASASV Standards of Practice Manual for Services Against Sexual Violence

National Association of Services Against Sexual Violence, National Standards of Practice for Services Against Sexual Violence, 2nd Edition

These standards focus primarily on delivery of services to adults (female and male) who have experienced sexual assault and adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse.

Aims of these Standards:

  • To define and describe an expected quality of service provision which reflects the mission statement and philosophical underpinning of the National Association of Services Against Sexual Violence (NASASV)
  • To promote, through the development of best practice models, the best possible services for clients
  • To promote equity of access to services for all clients within our Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CaLD) society
  • To promote community awareness and understanding of sexual violence in the context of power and gender relations
  • To promote the professional status and credibility of services against sexual violence.

Objectives of these Standards:

  • Provide Services with a tool to assist them to provide high quality services
  • Provide guidelines for service development, planning and quality assurance
  • Provide a framework for developing a consistency of quality across the sexual violence service sector, and
  • Educate and inform government, relevant agencies and the wider community about the policies and practices of services against sexual violence

This project was funded by NASASV for, and on behalf of, the Australian sexual assault services sector.