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Victim-Survivor of Crime and Abuse: Digital Conference

26 May 2023

via, Zoom

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Join Victim Support Service for a full day conference among leading Australian experts in victimology and disability, including policy makers, sector stakeholders and people with lived experience, exploring access to justice issues for victim-survivors with disability across Australia.

The purpose of the Conference is to share experiences, knowledge, and best practice in supporting people with disability when they report crime and abuse.

The Conference will have a national focus and will include speakers from various states and territories. It will be structured with topic specific sessions, providing participants the opportunity to focus on subject areas from their own knowledge, research, and experience.

The theme of the Conference is “Safer Spaces for People with Disability in Australia – Reporting crime and abuse”. The event will provide a platform for participants to discuss the current situation, challenges and advancements relating to disclosure and reporting of violence, abuse, and neglect for people with disability.

This Conference invites the attendance of those with lived experience, academics, social workers, counsellors, legal workers, practitioners, police officers and any interested parties or professionals who are engaged in the process of supporting people with disability who are victim-survivors of crime and abuse.

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