Pay Our Respects 2023

4 February 2023

Parliament House steps
North Terrace
Adelaide, SA

Pay Our Respects invites members of the community to gather for a fifth year on the steps of Parliament House to “Pay Our Respects” to the Australian murdered women of 2022 and shine a very important spotlight on the prevalent yet preventable issue of violence against women.

In 2022, at least 55 Australian women were tragically murdered. This event will ‘pay our respects’ to each one of them in a moving and powerful tribute.

Attendees are encouraged to bring others and share the facebook event link to their networks. Please let Pay Our Respects know if you plan to attend by choosing “going” on the fb event page.

The murdered women in 2022 that will be honoured this year will be represented by women from all parts of the community, each holding a numbered placard.  If you identify as female and would like to participate by holding a placard, please email the organisers at payourrespects@gmail.com.

There is also a place for men at this event. Men are encouraged to show their support of this event, to show solidarity on the issue of gendered violence and to stand alongside women as allies.  Ending violence against women cannot rest on the shoulders of some of us – it must involve ALL of us.

Visit the facebook event page