A Caucasian man with glasses looks at a smartphone screen with the text: "What is Don't Become That Man?"

Don’t Become That Man: SA-first behavioural change program

In a first for the state of South Australia, non-governmental crime prevention agency (and Embolden SA member) OARS Community Transitions have a mandate to offer a new approach to stem the problem: accommodating and counselling men before they become violent.

Leigh Garrett, OARS Community Transitions CEO, says:

It is really important to protect women by having accommodation and support for them, but the argument is that you don’t stop men being violent against women by taking women away – you stop the outcome of that

South Australian Minister for Human Services Michelle Lensink says the Don’t Become That Man trial is the first of its kind in South Australia, and Assistant Minister for Domestic and Family Violence Prevention Carolyn Power says the results will inform future policy.