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‘Unpacking Resistance’ – Virtual Training

13 April 2022

via, online

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This training is for practitioners who work in the area of gender equality or in primary prevention of violence against women. Dealing with backlash and resistance comes with the terrain and is a normal part of any social change. That doesn’t mean that figuring out how to navigate resistance isn’t challenging, and sometimes a bit scary.

Safe+Equal’s training will give practitioners the confidence to respond to resistance when it arises. From denial to backlash, to understanding why people might resist gender equality work, this training will equip you with the strategies and skills to create meaningful and sustainable change. 

The training will cover:

  • How to identify the different forms and levels of resistance.
  • The core principles and strategies to apply when responding to forms of resistance.
  • Skills to open up dialogue and feel more confident in having challenging conversations.
  • Strategies to support your wellbeing when encountering resistance.
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