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How to prepare your not-for-profit for the federal budget cycle – by Fifty Acres Academy

21 June 2022

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Jo Scard, Founder and CEO of Fifty Acres, is offering free webinars for the not-for-profit sector on what the change in government means. Jo is a former advisor to the Rudd and Gillard governments, Kim Beasley, and the British Labour Party and a registered lobbyist across both federal and state/territory jurisdictions.

With a new government in place, the federal budget process for an October budget will soon begin. How will your organisation stand out?

As the dust begins to settle after the federal election, the budget process is due to begin again soon. With thousands of organisations putting in requests to the new government for an October budget, how can you ensure your organisation stands out?

This free workshop is here to help your not-for-profit or for-good organisation navigate the budget cycle and make an impact. It will cover:

  • The lay of the land: Begin with Budget 101, taking you through the overall process, key players and background.
  • Specific funding requests: From pre-Budget submissions to direct ministerial engagement, you’ll be guided through the steps you’ll need to follow when lobbying for program funding or capital investment for your organisation.
  • Broad advocacy: If you’re more interested in big picture policy change, you’ll be shown how to build support for a broader advocacy campaign around a theme or budget direction.
  • Top communication tips: Jo will provide you with their top tips for communicating your budget priorities to a range of stakeholders, including your supporters and the media.

Event details:

  • All attendees will receive the webinar slides and a recording of the webinar.
  • Access details are sent via email. Attendees will receive a link to the webinar page when they complete their registration, 48 hours before, 2 hours before and when the webinar starts.
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