Joint statement from 70+ gender equity organisations: ‘We support inclusion, dignity and respect for all women’

Key gender equity and women’s safety organisations from around the nation have united to speak out against the recent targeting of trans women, and call out glaring gaps in action needed for all women’s safety.

The joint statement, reads: “As organisations advocating for gender equity and women’s safety, we denounce this attempt at division. We are united in our support of inclusion, dignity and respect for all women.”

Women’s health, safety and empowerment in Australia is about all women, including trans women. Women across Australia suffer from long-term health impacts, including disability, following gender-based violence. In order to prevent gender-based violence, we must address the drivers of violence, and reinforcing factors such as gender stereotypes, racism, ableism and misogyny.” – Bonney Corbin, Australian Women’s Health Network.

Signatories to the joint statement include organisations fighting for women’s safety from Full Stop Australia, End Rape on Campus Australia, to peak bodies Domestic Violence NSW and Ending Violence Against Women Queensland. Key gender equity organisations Fair Agenda, Women’s Electoral Lobby, YWCA Australia, Equality Australia, Transcend Australia, Women with Disabilities Australia, Harmony Alliance and Transgender Victoria have also signed the statement.