Vote for Safety – Election 2022: Together for women’s safety

Fair Agenda have created the Vote for Safety website which compares policies on women’s safety across the major parties in Australia ahead of the May 2022 federal election.

Fair Agenda is an independent movement campaigning for a fair and gender equal future, they are not associated with any political parties or candidates, and don’t accept any donations that would impact their independence.

The movement has worked with experts to identify six critical areas of action needed to end gender-based violence, and calls for federal parliamentarians to take the Fair Agenda pledge and commit to actions to address these areas.

These areas are:

  1. Do what it takes to end all forms of gender-based violence within a generation
  2. Push for proper funding of specialist sexual, domestic and family violence services – to ensure everyone affected can access the support they need, and that perpetrators’ abusive behaviours are reduced
  3. Champion reforms for a safer parliament – including full implementation of the recommendations in the Sex Discrimination Commissioner’s ‘Set the Standard’ report
  4. Vote for better legal and institutional responses for victim-survivors to ensure people seeking support are helped, not hurt, by systems that should support them
  5. Champion strong action to prevent all forms of gender-based violence by addressing its drivers and enables, including gender inequality.
  6. Vote for safer workplaces by supporting full implementation of the Sex Discrimination Commissioner’s Respect@Work recommendations to address workplace sexual harassment.