Embolden’s 2022 State Election Priorities Snapshot

As the state election draws nearer, the time is now for our political representatives to go beyond promises without action when it comes to ending gender-based violence.

In February 2022, we asked sector members and subscribers what matters the most to them in the lead-up to the March state government election. This election, many of our stakeholders have told us that they are waiting to hear policies and pledges before they make their choice.

As the peak body for domestic, family and sexual violence services, Embolden represents people working on the front line; the essential workers helping people deal with what has become known as the ‘shadow pandemic’.

Our members and allies have spoken and it is clear: we need a state government that will increase funds and support prevention strategies, safe housing and specialised service providers at a scale and seriousness that reflects reality.

Embolden’s Election Priorities Snapshot, released today, lays out our key election asks when it comes to preventing and responding to gender-based violence in South Australia, along three critical calls to action: to promote prevention strategies; invest in safety; and support specialist services.