Men in focus practice guide

Our Watch’s newly released practice guide ‘Men in focus: addressing masculinities and working with men in the prevention of men’s violence against women’ outlines the long-term, collective, and intersectional approach needed to dismantle and transform the norms, structures and practices that reinforce gender inequality and lead to men’s violence against women.

It draws on their 2019 evidence review ‘Men in focus: unpacking masculinities and engaging men in the prevention of violence against women’ which synthesises and analyses existing research on masculinities and violence against women to develop a deeper understanding of the links between dominant forms and patterns of masculinity and violence against women.

The practice guide offers practical strategies on engaging with men and boys on masculinities, such focusing on building empathy and motivation and fostering self-awareness.

This guide will assist you to:

  • Build rapport with men to challenge social norms, structures and practices that underpin gender inequality and drive men’s violence against women
  • Address gender inequality and the gendered drivers of violence
  • Develop and deliver prevention initiatives.

These resources explore how primary prevention efforts can best address and challenge these patterns and effectively engage men in the prevention of violence against women. All men have a role to play in changing our society to make it safer and more equal, and Our Watch believe resources such as this new guide will help to enact this change.