Feminist Organisational Capacity Strengthening (FOCS) Facilitated Workshops

International Women’s Development Agency’s (IWDA) Feminist Organisational Capacity Strengthening (FOCS) resources support organisations in their internal development and reflection. IWDA also provide online training for organisations and individuals to get you started on your FOCS journey, dive into specific topics or learn how to run your own internal training. To book a workshop, or discuss further, please contact Bronwyn Tilbury at IWDA: btilbury@iwda.org.au

Workshop FOCS1 – Understanding organisational capacity strengthening with a feminist lens

Workshop FOCS2 – Organisational self-assessment

Workshop FOCS3 Creating cultures of self and collective care in your women’s rights organisations

Workshop FOCS4 – Leading, governing and being accountable for women’s rights organisations

Workshop FOCS5 – Mobilising resources for women’s rights organisations

Workshop FOCS6 – Learn how to run your own FOCS workshop