Women: Safety, Wellbeing, Equality – For the Future

SA Labor Policy 2022

SA Labor’s Women: Safety, Wellbeing, Equality Policy outlines the commitments of the Malinauskas Labor Government towards advancing gender equality in every area of life.

This includes:

  • Introduce an Equality Bill to encourage public and private sector organisations to achieve equality and to adjust procurement and grants processes to ensure funding supports equity.
  • Introduce Wage Theft legislation to create criminal penalties for persistent and deliberate underpayment of workers.
  • Strengthen our labour hire laws to ensure that all labour firms and workers are covered by the same laws and regulations.
  • Require all grants and procurement processes to increase gender equity.
  • Ensure all government boards comprise at least 50% women.
  • Set up taskforces into Gender Gap, Women in Sport and Housing Security for older women.
  • Reinstate the Premier’s Women’s Directory.
  • Invest in programs that assist women setting up their own businesses.
  • Recognise that women are more likely to work in the caring professions and reintroduce aged care, disability care, child protection and child-care courses in TAFE.
  • Recognise that caring for young children often keeps women out of the workplace and through our ambitious early childhood strategy will not only improve the education and care offerings for young children, but will also better support women to be able to make choices.
  • Consult with workers, unions and businesses to expand the portable long service leave system for workers in sectors that predominantly employ women and are characterised by short-term employment conditions.
  • Restore funding cut from the Domestic Violence Court Assistance Service.
  • Provide $1 million in funding to establish a southern and northern domestic violence prevention and recovery hub to undertake work to support and empower women and raise community awareness.
  • Ring-fence a proportion of Labor’s public housing for women escaping domestic violence.
  • Introduce a serious legislative reform program, working with women’s organisations, the Equal Opportunity Commissioner and the SA Police.