Don’t Become That Man

Don’t Become That Man provides intervention and prevention programs for men who have concerns about their current controlling behaviour, and even more concerns about how that behaviour might escalate to violence.

Don’t Become That Man services include a support hotline staffed by Trained Intervention Counsellors, individual interventions and a crisis accommodation program for men who are concerned about their current controlling behaviour.

Don’t Become That Man is available for:

  • Men are concerned that their thoughts and actions may include violent and/or controlling behaviours
  • Men who use controlling or violent behaviour seeking intervention and support
  • Women seeking information about men’s use of family violence, and access to supports
  • Family and friends of people who may be using or experiencing family violence, seeking assistance for others, and/or education for themselves
  • Professionals to refer someone seeking additional support/intervention and/or advice about commencing that conversation

Don’t Become That Man is a free, confidential and statewide service, provided by OARS Community Transitions.